Guiding Principles of Nandansons Charitable Foundation

The principles below reflect the Gupta’s family’s beliefs about the role of philanthropy and the impact they want this foundation to have.

  • This is a family foundation driven by the interests and passions of the Gupta family.
  • The Foundation will not accept any outside donations.
  • Education, Science and Technology have great potential to improve lives around the world when integrated appropriately.
  • Religious devotion is a way to create an identity for a culture.
  • Support Humanitarian Causes, not political ones.
  • We are funders and shapers-we rely on others to act and implement.
  • We must be humble and mindful in our actions and words.
  • We treat the ultimate beneficiaries of our work with respect.
  • We demand ethical behavior of ourselves.
  • We treat each other as valued colleagues.
  • To increase opportunity and equity for those most in need-requires great stewardship of the money we have available.
  • Have Foundation Perpetuate for future generations.

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